Sunday, October 10, 2010


My Dear Sir,

From the semantics I wish to rise and truthfully say things which perhaps would ruffle you. However, to be very fair to my grooming and decency I never intend to say things that might be hurtful. If you take offence of this letter then I shall consider this as my failure to covey the truth. If my emotions allow me the liberty to be mighty full to say things then the perception of my observation surely needs to be worded in fair language of communication. I cease to get drawn into endless discussion with an individual who refuses to listen but to me you are not an individual; you are more than that. You are not an ordinary man to me. I believe that a man who dreams and says things out of the box is not easily understood. You toiled, you worked hard, you pushed your way…you steered yourself and the organization during tough times….you managed yourself with absolute sincerity and gave thumping results. You talked about your dreams for hours and hours in marathon meetings…You did everything which any die hard dreamer would do. While doing so at times or many times you did not notice that your assumptions were flawed. Allow me to say that these flaws were nothing to do with your calibre…I am talking about the factors which are essential to facilitate the success of ones dreams …In your overwhelming exuberance you left those externalities totally unattended. Thus exposing you to unwarranted poking. Brazenness is the way of outlaws and also that of a dreamer but the difference lies in the intentions of the two. With limited information in my hand I refuse to judge you…Yes, to be very precise in I wish to share with my boss all the grey areas which he perhaps could not envisage. Tiring circumstances and mocking accusations couldn’t take away sheen from the real Gladiator of the management and you are that Gladiator to me; but in your armor I see a chink. While dreaming or in endeavor to translate those dreams you left many corners unsecured.

In 2006 I saw a very perceptible drift. Initially I took it as an aberration but with the passage of time to my dismay it turned into an excruciating sight to me. It hurt me so much to see that the competency of a high caliber individual like you was incapacitated by rogue elements with covert intentions. Mediocrity attained undue prominence where by the critical flight of your pragmatic dreams was grounded before it could take off. Mediocre individuals don’t dream, they just work…If left at the helm of affairs for critical inputs they just cynically pretend to be the most humble servant. This did not serve well in formulating your dreams…If my oblique references are pertinent enough to be understood then surely you would understand whatever I am saying. Many a times you tried to read my disposition with terms which you never did before; as a result my proximity to you gained anonymity… I pondered over what transpired and to me it was very unsettling because somewhere I was feeling stifled. I realized that something is missing. Eventually it turned into a stalemate of silence between us. Communication ceased…It is believed that silence speaks better but my silence refused to be eloquent…I never rested and tried hard to go into consequential analysis because I knew that one day we will surely deliberate heart to heart on this.

How can I see MY MENTOR go through emotional tyranny of the deceitful world? I know you are a true leader…You never played to the gallery…You never believed in cheap popularity…You stood as you are…You stood by your dreams…your beliefs…. but you faltered in mustering the real resources to give the final punch of invincibility….I am sure you would read this line again and again because you know now that there are people who still consider you as a towering personality of our organization…Minnows of treacherous world may momentarily dwarf your existence but I know you are a man of substance…Promise me my sir, that you would never be known as a victim…You can never be a victim of conspiring mediocre individuals…You delivered your best and I see in you a real man…a real fighter…Fight for all the things which you believe in…to me you are still AN IMPOSING MAN OF SUBSTANCE: MY BOSS
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